Making Money Do you know if you are making money at cake decorating?

Does your spouse ever ask you “Are you making money doing cake decorating?"
Is your answer “I don’t know” or “ I’m not that good so I do it for free for friends and family”. How are you going to continue to do it for free and continue the addiction for purchasing classes and more tools?

Are you afraid to charge because you don’t know how much to charge?
You have to remember your friends and family will go someplace and pay for a cake to be made if you won’t do it. So why aren’t YOU charging for the cake you make for them?

Do you feel you’re not that good at cake decorating?
You must be better than them or they wouldn’t be asking you to make the cake. I know how you feel. I use to feel the same way. One day I woke up and asked, "Why am I doing this for free?" I go to a job to bring in money and I’m doing cakes for free and losing money as I’m purchasing all the ingredients and giving them away also. I should be at least be making minimum wage for my labor and recouping the cost of the ingredients. But how do I figure in all my expenses. God wired me to be a cake decorator not a computer geek. I tried other computer programs and I couldn’t figure them out. I knew how to turn the computer on and get to Google, Facebook and some websites. I have a tough time figuring out my smart phone which seems to be smarter than me. I needed HELP! I asked cake decorating instructors, "How much should I charge for this cake?" and almost all the time I never got a straight answer. Probably because they didn’t know either. If they did tell the class almost all of us would say “Oh I never could get that price in my area”. Hey! Make up a dummy cake with the design like the one you just took the class in. Show it around to friends and family or enter it in a local contest. Put a price on it so you know you are making money doing this cake. If they want this cake they’ll pay you for it. What have you got to lose? If you didn’t show it to anyone you wouldn’t make anything on it anyway! What we have is a talent and we need to charge for it!

I was so frustrated and, not being a computer geek, I knew I need some help. I went to my husband and asked how do I figure what to charge for my cakes. I couldn’t set one price and be done with it as some designs take longer than others so I need to charge for that extra time involved. This is how Cake Shop Manager was born. “Cake Shop Manager” is designed for cake decorators by a non computer geek cake decorator. I knew it had to be simple and easy to use with step by step instructions. My husband did the reseach and we hired some computer programmer geeks.We designed what we needed to help me make money with a home based cake decorating business so I didn’t have to have a part time job on the side. I could be full time cake decorator doing what I love and not have to go out to a job! The added benefits of supporting my family and being able to have the money to feed my addiction for more cake decorating tools and classes was a definite plus.

Cake Shop Manager is designed to help you figure your costs per mix or recipe, shows you how much to charge for the cake, and if you don’t want to charge that much, at least you know how much the cake is going to cost you to make including labor. You can give quotes to customers and it will save them for you so when they call you back to order the cake, cup cakes, cakepops, cookies etc. you can find the quote easily. You don't have to dig through a pile of paperwork to find the original quote. It will turn the quote into a contract by a simple click of a button. Cake Shop Manager keeps all your recipes on file. All your ingredients, fillings, icings costs and more. Every size of plastic cake plates, cardboard cake boards, cake stands & bases. Anything that you want returned to you it also figures in a security deposit on them, so if they aren’t returned to you you have the security deposit to replace them. You can add in a delivery charge, adornments charge and even a bridzilla charge(lol)! It keeps track of consultation appointments and cake delivery appointments plus a whole lot more.

I’m so excited about this software! I sat down the first time using it and this noncomputer geek was able to put everything in the computer without asking my husband a million questions. I knew this would be a software that other noncomputer cake decorators would love! We decided to price Cake Shop Manager so it wouldn’t break the bank of a 2 cake a month cake decorators business and help them to make a larger profit off those 2 cakes to help pay for the whole month of Cake Shop Manager. If it increased the price of 1 cake only $9.99, that covers your subscription of Cake Shop Manage for the month. Yes, that’s right a one month subscription is only $9.99 a month, or an even better deal is to purchase 12 months and pay only for 11 months. Cake Shop Manager will grow with your business. From 2 cakes a month out of your home into a store front cake shop with employees. Still for $9.99 a month base price.

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