• Easy setup 
  • Pre populated with most popular ingredients and cake pans 


  • Shows your orders due in next 7 days and your pending and overdue payments.
  • Shows your upcoming appointments
  • Shows Payments due
  • Add, modify, show any reminders set.

Order Management

  • Design cake through interface while sitting with customer
  • Set order date and delivery date.
  • Add delivery charge, and equipment rental.
  • Apply sales tax.
  • Give your customer a discount and add a discount reason to the invoice.
  • Record deposits and schedule future payments.
  • Record delivery notes for the invoice, or private notes that do not show on the invoice.
  • See your actual costs and profit.
  • Create a shopping list.
  • Create and email PDF invoices.
  • Attach your terms or contract to invoices. *

Cake Builder

  • Select base
  • Select number of tiers
  • Select size and shape of each tier
  • Select layer flavors, fillings and icing for each tier
  • Make detailed notes about each tier
  • See your cost for the cake and what to charge for it based on a markup or on a price per serving basis.
  • Upload inspiration photos
  • Upload sketches
  • Create a quote or an invoice based on this information

Customer Organization

  • Record all your customer’s contact information, including name, address, email and phone.
  • Keep track of your customer’s complete order history.

Recipes and Ingredients

  • Comes with common baking ingredients and their U.S. prices. Use our prices or your own.*
  • Global ingredients have built-in weight to volume converters. Never wonder how much a teaspoon of vanilla costs or a cup of flour costs.
  • Available global recipes for popular recipes like white almond sour cream cake, Swiss meringue buttercream, American buttercream, and more.*
  • Global ingredient updating – when you change an ingredient price, all your recipes automatically update.
  • Cost out every recipe down to the penny. 

Master Materials

  • Comes pre-loaded with standard box and board sizes and their U.S. Prices.*
  • Allows for retail mark-up of your materials.


  • Displays your orders, quotes, and appointments
  • Add custom appointments


  • All reports can be exported as Excel, PDF, or CSV.
  • Upcoming appointments.
  • Full customer list.
  • Full master ingredient list.
  • Full master material list.
  • Pending and overdue payments.
  • Sales tax.
  • Shopping list for one order or many orders.
  • Production report for any upcoming time period with order summaries for all orders.

Email (Upgrade)

  • When an appointment is made, an email is triggered to the client providing them with pertinent data about the appointment.
  • The day before the appointment, a confirmation email is sent.
  • When an order is made, a thank you email is sent and includes details of the order
  • 30 days before event, an email is sent reminding bride of payment due and security deposit due
  • A week before the delivery, a confirmation email is sent asking for any changes that might need to be made
  • Morning of event, a congratulations note is sent
  • A text message is sent to notify bride that she has an email from the program
  • Add new triggered emails, modify existing emails
  • Reply to address is the address from My Account

My Account Settings

  • Guided by a wizard
  • Enter your bakery information along with your logo
  • Set up terms and conditions to be printed with invoice. Sample terms and conditions provided
  • Set your sales tax rate and VAT, with an option to tax deliveries and rentals.

Customer Service

  • Free support by email for life
  • Support provided by a trouble ticket process


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